Scope and Sequence for Beginner Levels (As represented in SELD manual)


5.1 Function: Greet Introduce, & Share Personal Information.
5.2 Function:Extend, Accept and Decline Invitations.
5.3 Function:Express Appreciation and Give Compliments.
5.4 Function:Express Needs and Make Requests.
5.5 Function:Express Feelings and Preferences.
5.6 Function:Request Assistance and Clarification.
5.7 Function:Negotiate Solutions.

5.8 Function:Describe physical characteristics using sensory details.
5.9 Function:Describe and explain personality attributes using adjectives
5.10 Function: Describe actions using verbs and adverbs.
5.11 Function: Describe physical attributes of a place using adjectives and prepositions
5.12 Function: Describe location of objects in space using prepositions.
5.13 Function: Compare and contrast physical characteristics.
5.14 Function: Compare and contrast actions using adverbs and conjunctions.
5.15 Function: Discuss or create a plan.
5.16 Function: Describe routine (ongoing) events.
5.17 Function: Retell actions and events in chronological order.
5.18 Function: Make and report observations (NOT YET INCLUDED IN SCOPE & SEQUENCE)
5.19 Function: Ask for, give and follow multi-step directions. (NOT YET INCLUDED IN SCOPE & SEQUENCE)
5.20 Function: Discuss time using clocks, calendars and timelines. (NOT YET INCLUDED IN SCOPE & SEQUENCE)
5.21 Function: Describe actions: when, how, where. (NOT YET INCLUDED IN SCOPE & SEQUENCE)