General Cause & Effect



Practice & Application

Cause & Effect Practice Game - not related to a particular theme.

Cause and Effect Opener Link:
Honda Accord Commercial
Cause and Effect Worksheets:
Cause and Effect Worksheets

Hobbies and Pastimes

Lesson Plan, Beg/EI
[[file:Pastimes B:EI.doc]]
Pictorial Input Chart, B/EI, Day 1

Pictorial Input Chart, All Levels

Vocabulary Matrix, All Levels

Lesson Plan, Intermediate, no activities.

Big Colored Pictures, All Levels

Black and White Pictures, All Levels

Black and White Pictures, with Labels
[[file:Pastimes Pictures w:Labels.doc]]

Lesson Plan, Intermediate, with activities.

Pictorial Input Charts, Intermediate.

Color Activity Photos

Color Weather Photos

Cause & Effect Practice Activities -- card game & sentence frame practice.

Lesson Plan, Early Advanced

Lesson Plan, EA, Elachieve


Negotiate Solutions (for B and EI students, in place of Cause and Effect)